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Sea King Union Flag Print

Sea King Union Flag Print

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Prior to its retirement in September 2019, the Sea King was used by the Royal Navy for anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue missions, carrying Royal Marine Commandos into action and airborne early warning and intelligence gathering.

Four versions of the Sea King are available as prints:

  • AEW 2 (Airborne Early Warning aircraft - converted from HAS 1 or HAS 2)

  • HAS 2 (Anti-submarine version for the Royal Navy)

  • HAS 5 (Upgraded anti-submarine version for the Royal Navy)

  • HAS 6 (Upgraed anti-submarine version for the Royal Navy)

If you would like a different incarnation of the Sea King, please contact Gillian and she will be happy to make modifications to the design.

Two sizes are available:

  • Small (40cm x 20cm) open edition
  • Large (60cm x 30cm) limited edition (100 copies)

The print can be personalised with text of your choice, for example a dedication to the recipient of the print.

Unframed prints will be either flat or rolled. Framed prints are mounted and the frame is ready to hang.

​All prints are signed. Limited edition prints are numbered.

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