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Naval Servicewomen's Network 10th Anniversary Portrait

Naval Servicewomen's Network 10th Anniversary Portrait

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The picture was commissioned to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Naval Servicewomen's Network. This is the description of the portrait that was included in the programme for the celebration dinner:

"I was very honoured to be asked to create a portrait to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Naval Servicewomen's Network, a tribute that captures the remarkable journey of women in the Royal Navy. In this portrait, the central figure embodies the progress we've achieved, standing as a testament to the collective contributions of countless women who have served in the Royal Navy. They form the tapestry of history, and the phrase 'standing on the shoulders of giants' couldn't be more apt.

The backdrop of the portrait is adorned with the images of these pioneering women, spanning different eras and circumstances, each having played a vital role in shaping the path we tread today. Their legacy is what elevates our present, and it's a legacy we gratefully acknowledge.

At the heart of the portrait, the White Ensign symbolizes the unbreakable bond that unites these women, despite the distinct times and challenges they faced. It represents the common thread that ties their stories together, weaving a narrative of strength, determination, and resilience that continues to inspire us all.

This portrait is a tribute to their unwavering dedication and service, a reminder that we, as naval servicewomen, are part of a rich and enduring tradition. As we celebrate the Network’s 10th anniversary, we can do so with profound gratitude for those who paved the way and with a deep commitment to carrying their legacy forward."

Three sizes are available:

  • Small (30cm x 30cm) open edition
  • Medium (40cm x 40cm) limited edition (50 editions)
  • Large (60cm x 60cm) limited edition (10 editions)

Small unframed prints will be supplied unmounted and carefully rolled in a large diameter tube. 

Framed prints are mounted and the frame is ready to hang. When framed prints will measure around:

  • Small 40cm x 40cm
  • Medium 56cm x 56cm
  • Large 80cm x 80cm

​All prints are signed by the artist and come with a certificate of authenticity. Limited edition prints are numbered.

A donation of 5% of the sales price will be made to the RNRMC.

Delivery Date: Please note that all our fine art prints are made and framed to order. You can expect unframed prints to be ready for collection or despatch with 14 days. Framed prints are usually ready for collection or despatch with 28 days. If you need your picture sooner please let us know and we will do our best to meet your deadline.

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