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Trafalgar Class Jolly Roger Fine Art Print

Trafalgar Class Jolly Roger Fine Art Print

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This print is inspired by the Jolly Roger. It features the silhouette of the Trafalgar Class submarine.

The Trafalgar Class includes HMS TRAFALGAR (S107), HMS TURBULENT (S87), HMS TIRELESS (S88), HMS TORBAY (S90), HMS TRENCHANT (S91), HMS TALENT (S92) and HMS TRIUMPH (S93).

Four sizes are available:

  • Mini (20cm x 10cm) open edition
  • Small (40cm x 20cm) open edition
  • Large (60cm x 30cm) limited edition (100 copies)
  • X-Large (100cm x 50cm) limited edition (20 copies)

All prints are supplied unmounted and, depending on the size, either flat or rolled.

​All prints are signed, except mini sized prints, and come with a certificate of authenticity. Limited edition prints are numbered.

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